The ultimate network adblocker!

Version 0.4 Released!

July 1st, 2020

Platform Install Instructions

OpenBSD | FreeBSD | DragonflyBSD | NetBSD | SystemD/Linux | Alpine Linux

Download Link: unbound-adblock.sh | Previous Releases: Archives

Changelog: changelog.txt

tl;dr Feature List

  • Highly customizable network adblocker powered by Unbound
  • Highly portable - Supports nearly every Linux and BSD OS
  • Improves privacy - blocks many analytics and tracking severs and can prevent IoT devices and other garbage from phoning home
  • Removes ads and analytics from apps and other proprietary services/programs while improving battery life on mobile devices
  • Enables you to block ads on traditionally locked down devices:
    • Mobile: Phones, Tablets, iPads, Android boxes etc
    • Media players: Chromecasts, Firestick, Roku, AppleTV etc
    • IoT Devices: 'smart' TVs, crappy networking devices etc
  • User configurable block lists
  • Encryption: Uses DNS over TLS (DoT) by default
  • Blocklist automatically updates so you always have the latest adblock data


Unbound-adblock is an easy to use network adblocker. It allows you to block online advertisements network wide and thus block ads on devices that otherwise don't support traditional browser-based adblockers such as uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus etc. I have found unbound-adblock to boost web browsing speed and increase battery life on mobile devices.

A nice side effect of the network adblocking is that there is no added CPU utilization on the client-side device for filtering out the ads, as all the heavy lifting is done by the DNS server. For devices with limited resources, unbound-adblock can be a breath of fresh air.

Additionally, unbound-adblock blocks a large amount of online trackers, malware, fake sites, pop ups and other annoying garbage.

unbound-adblock works best when used in conjunction with pf-badhost

Download Link: unbound-adblock.sh | Previous Releases: Archives